TES Decelerometer

Spot Friction Measurement Device

The portable TES Mk 3 Electronic Decelerometer is designed for simplicity of installation and operation. The capabilities and operational ease of the device surpass those of any other portable meter on the market.
Originally developed for Transport Canada, this latest generation of TES Instruments friction devices is approved by TC for use in Canada and by the FAA for use in the USA.
Utilizing the latest high-speed microprocessor technology, low power consumption, a wide operating temperature range and a built-in self-test feature, accurate results and high reliability are achieved.
Over 300 Mk3 Units in service in Scandinavia, Europe, Canada & the U.S.


Tactile switches with indicators for selecting operations on removable keyboard/display
Allows switching of ABS during friction testing
Removes peaking due to initial and final vehicle pitching
Measures true vehicle deceleration
Provides hardcopy printout of up to 99 decelerations plus calculated averages or thirds
Flags values 10% below average and disregards tests cancelled manually or automatically
Can be interfaced to TRACR II for automatic transmission of data
An internal printer’s hardcopy results of the friction tests can include:

Date and time
Stop number
Deceleration rate of each stop
Average deceleration or runway thirds
Highlighting of values deviating from the average
Airport name
Runway ID
Operator ID

A 32 character liquid crystal display with back-lighting displays the test results and various status messages to the operator even during night time operation. The display can be removed from the Mk3 chassis to be placed in any convenient location to afford an unobstructed view.

Please see our brochure for more information, or visit www.tesintruments.com.

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