Findlay-Irvine GripTester

Continuous Friction Measurement Trailer
The GripTester has been a part of airport friction measurement technology since 1987. It is recognized by ICAO, the FAA and Civil Aviation Authorities world-wide. GripTesters are now in use in more than thirty countries and on five continents. Tradewind Scientific has placed over 25 GripTesters with North American clients during the last 5 years.
The rugged and reliable, modern and compact GripTester is easy to maintain, easy to operate and easy to handle and transport.

Airfield Friction Measurement

One operator can easily carry out a runway survey. Software customized for the airport ensures that a single keystroke at the start of the run is all that is needed.
When carrying out maintenance surveys the GripTester’s relatively modest water requirement is a real advantage – a 3000m runway requires only 100 litres at 1mm water depth which significantly reduces the required water carrying capacity of the towing vehicle.
When carrying out winter surveys, the GripTester’s ability to link to the TRACR II runway condition reporting system provides the airport operator with a uniquely powerful means of generating a condition report with up-to-the-minute information.


The GripTester is extremely versatile, which is why it is in use at some of the world’s busiest airports as well as some of the quietest. It is also used on roads, on the flight decks of major aircraft carriers and as well, on pedestrian areas. GripTester are in use north of the arctic circle and on the equator and are suitable for countries with a well established skid testing policy and for countries which are just beginning to develop one.
The GripTester’s ‘push mode’ operation gives it a unique ability to provide continuous friction readings on surfaces inaccessible to a towing vehicle. The US Navy, for example, uses the GripTester to asses the non-skid coating on flight decks and UK CAA have authorized its use for the "qualification" of helideck surfacing on North Sea oil platforms.


Braked wheel, fixed slip design
Horizontal and vertical components of friction continuously monitored
Rapid and simple data acquisition using a standard PC
Can be towed up to 130 km/h or used in pushing mode
Extremely stable calibration
Checking and adjustment of calibration quick and easy to perform
Measuring tires manufactured in accordance with ASTM standards
Stainless steel undercarriage

Tradewind Scientific has recently placed Findlay-Irvine GripTesters at:

Canadian Airforce - 12 Units at CYZX, CYBG, CYTR, CYOD, CYLT, CYQQ
U.S. Airforce - 10 Units
Toronto - E407 Toll Highway
Vancouver - CYVR
Alaska DOT - 20 units including KJNU, KSIT, KYAK, KBET

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Visit the GripTester web site for more information.


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