Runway Friction Monitoring Services

Tradewind Scientific has been active in the operations, maintenance and technical support of GripTesters and Saab Surface Friction Testers since their original introduction to North America.
We regularly maintain GripTesters used by the Canadian and U.S. military and are also responsible for the service and support of many Saab SFT's in the USA including the FAA Technical Center's SFT.
We routinely make site visits and provide technical support for surface friction tester units to over 15 major U.S. airports. We also perform over 100 Runway Friction Surveys Annually at Canadian, U.S. & Caribbean Airport Sites, and are pleased to provide special project friction and airfield survey testing:

Using GripTesters or Saab Surface Friction Testers
Careful testing by experienced operators
Equipment configured and maintained by expert technicians
Detailed analysis of friction test data

Tradewind Scientific has carried out the Transport Canada National Runway Test Program since 1981. The program involves extensive runway friction and roughness measurements at some 100 airports annually. Recent projects also include airfield friction surveys at commercial and military airports in the U.S., the Caribbean and Canada.

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