Continuous Friction Measurement Vehicles

The SARSYS Friction Tester (SFT & SVFT), built into the SAAB 9-5 wagon and the Volvo XC70, is one of the most advanced friction measuring systems on the market. It is primarily designed for friction measuring on airport runways and taxiways but can also be used for measuring on roads.
The Scandinavian Airport and Road Systems AB (SARSYS) design team has more than 25 years of experience from friction measuring equipment built into hundreds of Saab cars.
The SFT is programmed to measure in accordance with regulations issued by authorities such as ICAO, SCAA and the FAA and is designated for both operational and maintenance testing.

High-performance front-wheel drive car
Excellent maneuverability
First class working environment for the operator
Proven reliability in all climates, from the coldest parts of Northern Europe and Canada to very hot places like Saudi Arabia and Singapore
Large space in the rear provides unimpeded access to the measuring system, making service and maintenance work easy and comfortable.
Entire measuring system contained within the car, which retains it's exceptional driving qualities.
Self-contained configuration provides speed and smoothness of operation
In operational situations, the vehicle is immediately available for a measuring run. A runway friction report is available within just a few minutes after the start of the run. The SFT can be equipped with a TRACR II® system or radio data link to transmit friction data directly to a PC.
For maintenance measuring, which stipulates a wet runway, the SARSYS SFT is available with a watering system. The water tank has a volume sufficient for 23,000 feet (7,000 meters) of runway with a 1mm water layer.
The measuring wheel is fitted with standardized measuring tires, as stipulated by ICAO and the FAA.

Tradewind Scientific has recently placed SARSYS SFT’s at:

Boston - KBOS
Albany - KALB
Atlanta - KATL
Toronto - CYYZ
Dallas - KDAL
Minneapolis - KMSP
Phoenix - KPHX
Salt Lake City - KSLC
Seattle - KSEA
San Francisco - KSFO

Please see our brochure for more information.


Visit the Scandinavian Airport and Road Systems AB website for more information.


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