Continuous Friction Measurement Trailer

Design Philosophy

An important guideline for the design of the STFT has been to make full use of the well known SARSYS friction measurement equipment built into the SAAB 9-5. The main reason to construct the trailer with the same type of design is to ensure complete compatibility with the world-standard SARSYS system and to make it possible to minimize the cost for spare parts stock and service when using both types of equipment.

The trailer is designed with a single suspended axle. The suspension consists of a rubber torsion system with an extremely long lifetime without costs for maintenance and service.
For measuring on wet runway, stipulated for maintenance measuring, the STFT is equipped with a water tank as standard. The water tank is made of stainless/acid proof steel for a long life time without any cost for service. We have used this unbeatable material as the environment on today’s runways and taxiways gives a very short life time for standard material. The water tank has a volume of 560 litres, sufficient for 7000 meters (23000 ft) of runway with a 1 mm water layer.

Main Product Features

Measuring programme in accordance with ICAO and FAA
EMC tested and approved (EMC/89/336/EEG)
Approved and CE-certified (97/37/EG)
Standard equipped with water tank for maintenance measuring
Approved by FAA and SCAA (Swedish Civil Aviation Authority)
Operational efficiency, modern technology
The trailer frame/tank manufactured of stain-less/acid proof steel
Transmission in aluminium and stainless steel
Balanced/weighted for perfect repeatability of the measurement

The measuring system is the proven SARSYS Single Transmission system used in the SARSYS Friction Tester and also built into the SAAB 9-5. It is primarily designed for friction measuring on airport runways and taxiways, but can also be used for measuring on roads.

Tradewind Scientific has recently placed SARSYS STFT’s at:

Trenton AFB - CYTR
Indianapolis - KIND
Calgary - CYYC


Please see our brochure for more information.

Visit the Scandinavian Airport and Road Systems AB website for more information.


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