Touchscreen-Based Runway Condition Reporting System
TRACR II® systems are in place at many civil and military airport authorities in North America and overseas. Using touchscreen technology and a graphical user interface in the vehicle-mounted Field Unit, TRACR II® has brought new standards of accuracy and speed to Airfield Condition Reporting since 1995.

An operator can quickly specify an area of the airfield, select conditions from a set of menus and attach Saab SFT, GripTester or TES Decelerometer measurements or surface/air temperature readings to a Condition Report.
The Base Unit will print a plain text report, use the graphical display program to present the surface conditions for further analysis and automatically distribute the report over local data distribution networks.
More than 120 TRACR II® systems are presently operating at airports in North America and worldwide. Recent installations include:

Kallax AFB Sweden - ESPA
Oslo Gardermoen - ENGM
St. Johns - CYYT
Gander - CYQX
Halifax - CYHZ
Mirabel - CYMX
Ottawa - CYOW
Toronto - CYYZ
North Bay - CYYB
Regina - CYQR
Saskatoon - CYXE
Calgary - CYYC
Edmonton - CYEG
Yellowknife - CYZF
Prince George - CYXS
Kelowna - CYLW
Vancouver - CYVR
Victoria - CYYJ

Field Unit

Remarkably easy to use - operators quickly learn the intuitive graphical user interface, keeping training to a minimum
To report on a section of runway the operator just touches the map to select the section
Context-sensitive menus provide comprehensive lists of conditions selected by tapping the menu items on the screen
System checks for entry errors continuously and displays error messages in plain language
Pressing the SEND icon transmits the Condition Report to the Base Unit
Error-correcting data transfer protocol ensures reliable data transmission across the dedicated cellular or data transceiver link

Base Unit

Base Unit automatically logs the new Condition Report, which is already in electronic format so no time-consuming error-prone transcription is needed.
Surface condition data may be reviewed and analyzed at any time using the printed output or the versatile graphical display program.
The TRACR II® Base Unit can automatically distribute versions of a Condition Report over local data distribution networks. This capability, combined with automatic report logging, allows the Base Unit to run unattended.

Electronic Access Keys

User’s ID and access privileges are encoded into the key preventing unauthorized use of the Field Unit
Multiple access levels allow certain functions to be reserved for supervisors or experienced operators
Built-in expiry date can be matched to airport employee passes
Tough construction – clips onto the user’s key ring

System Features

Ruggedized PC technology
Industry standard spares and upgrades
Error-corrected data transmission
Interfaces to external sensors
Flexible Report Generation using standard condition report forms or plain text reports
ASCII files for electronic routing
Automatic report logging and distribution

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