Airfield Inspection Management System

Tradewind Scientific Ltd.’s Airfield Inspection Management (AIM) System has been developed to permit a versatile and comprehensive approach to monitoring all aspects of an airfield’s physical condition. The upgrade reuses the existing hardware and software infrastructure of the TRACR II® equipment to maximize the cost-effectiveness of the overall system.


Reasons to upgrade to the AIM module include:
Extend your TRACR II® system to year-round capabilities using the new AIM modules
Re-use existing hardware and software infrastructure while increasing it's functionality
Inspect and monitor your airfield condition quickly and accurately, year-round and in all weather conditions
All functions are implemented using the familiar, easy-to-use TRACR II® graphical touchscreen interface.

More than 20 TRACR II AIM® systems are presently operating at airports in North America and worldwide. Recent installations include:

Stockholm Bromma - ESSB
Gander - CYQX
Toronto - YYZ
North Bay - CYYB
Regina - CYQR
Saskatoon - CYXE
Calgary - CYYC
Edmonton - CYEG
Yellowknife - CYZF
Kelowna - CYLW

Please see our brochure for more information.


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